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Paling - Tanalised timber

The term paling, pallisade and close board are all terms to describe a fence with a gap between the vertical pales. We offer heights from 0.6 to 3.0m on timber concrete or steel posts.


Acoustic - Designed for noise reduction

Acoustic fencing is used to supress noise, we use a castleated design for best results as shown in the images. Available on timber concrete or steel posts and up to 4m high.


Concrete Posts And Panels - Quality panels in concrete

Concrete posts and panel fence can be used in various applications and the timber panels can be changed to suit the application. Anti theft clips are also available.


Birdsmouth - Excellent for detering vehicles

Can use a selection of posts with a suitable top rail, can be used to Demark property or to deter unwanted access to grassed areas.


Feather Edge - Strong and secure

Feather edge is the term used to describe a fence constructed with diagonally cut boards which are then over lapped to form a vertically boarded solid screen, this can be on timber or concrete posts.



Timber Panels - From budget to deluxe

We offer a large range of fencing panels from budget overlap panels to deluxe fencing for prestigious developements. All our panels are made in our factory to any size and are pressure treated for a longer life.


Post And Rail - The simple boundary solution

Available in 2 to 5 rail configuration using 100mm x 75mm, 125mm x 75mm or 150mm x 75mm posts. The posts are either driven in or concreted in to suit.